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Ashland - Ole Miss Training 2024

From 21/04/2024 to 28/04/2024 - Deleware, United States of America
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Advanced Hands-On Course ­| Ashland | The University of Mississippi

The Pii Center for Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy is proud to partner with Ashland Specialty Ingredients to offer the Advanced Hands-on Course in Tablet Technology, which takes place at Ashland’s state-of-the-art Research Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

The Advanced Course, initiated in 2022, builds on the fundamental principles taught in the lecture and laboratory sessions of the Hands-on Course in Tablet Technology by providing more in-depth training in selected areas of oral solid dosage form processing and manufacturing for professionals in the pharmaceutical and related industries, including those involved in research and development, manufacturing, quality control/assurance, and regulatory compliance.

Morning lectures provide in-depth background to the science and practice underlying the operations that are then conducted in the laboratory sessions.

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