Key takeaways

  • Powder Flow Characterization: Understand the crucial role of metallic powders and their powder flow characterization in additive manufacturing, particularly in Powder Bed Fusion with Laser Beam/Metal (PBF-LB/M) and binder jetting technologies.
  • Spreadability Assessment: Learn how the technical report establishes a systematic and cost-effective approach to assess powder spreadability before layer deposition.
  • GranuDrum Technique
    • ​Explore the GranuDrum method that combines measurements inside PBF-LB/M machines with image processing, providing valuable insights into powder bed layer homogeneity during spreading.
    • Investigate the effect of recycling on the spreadability of metallic powder using the GranuDrum.
  • Correlation with Macroscopic Properties: Discover how to establish a correlation between macroscopic powder properties and spreadability, enabling more informed powder selection and deposition speed combinations.