• MEDELPHARM introduction and instrumented die presentation for the measurement of radial die wall pressure
  • Scientific insights from Danny van der Haven, PhD student from University of Cambridge and Novo Nordisk
  • Q&A session

Key Learnings

  • Both the static and kinetic friction coefficients can be measured during regular compaction cycles using a STYL’One compaction simulator
  • Kinetic friction is mainly influenced by the ejection speed and the lubricant, showing only a weak dependence on the excipient material
  • Very soft as well as very hard materials can lead to high ejection forces and friction coefficients
Graphical Abstract - Dingeman L. H. van der Haven, René Jensen, Maria Mikoroni, Umair Zafar, James A. Elliott, and Ioannis S. Fragkopoulos. “Tablet ejection: a systematic comparison between force, static friction, and kinetic friction”. Int. J. Pharm., under review.

About the speaker

Danny Van der Haven

Dingeman (Danny) van der Haven is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge in the Macromolecular Materials Lab of Prof. James Elliott. Working in close collaboration with Novo Nordisk, he studies the compaction process of pharmaceutical powders into tablets with a focus on developing new methods for the prediction and measurement of the mechanical properties of new formulations. Despite an emphasis on computational methods, using the finite element method (FEM) and discrete element method (DEM), his work remains closely related to practical applications and is extensively validated through experiment.