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tableting technology

tableting technology is a public platform established in 2022, designed to serve users seeking additional resources in the field of pharmaceutical oral solid dosage (OSD). Our platform offers a wealth of resources, including scientific papers, application bulletins, case studies, news updates, webinar replays, and conference recordings.

For those looking to enhance their laboratory capabilities and expand their knowledge of OSD forms, we provide equipment and training solutions. Our platform caters to users interested in upgrading their laboratories and improving their OSD expertise.

Additionally, we offer a monthly newsletter to keep our users informed. This newsletter highlights the latest important developments from our platform, ensuring that subscribers stay up-to-date with the most recent news.

tableting technology also manages webinar events, from the initial announcement to the sharing of replay sessions. We're committed to providing comprehensive support and resources for professionals in the OSD field.

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mySTYL’One is a private platform established in 2017, exclusively tailored for users of STYL’One machines. We offer an array of exclusive resources to ensure optimal utilization of these machines, along with specialized services to provide strong support for users' studies. mySTYL’ is a service managed by MEDELPHARM.

As part of our commitment to serving our users, mySTYL’One provides a monthly newsletter for those who are interested. This newsletter includes updates on the latest important developments that have occurred on the private platform, keeping our users informed and engaged.

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MEDELPHARM, website owner

MEDELPHARM’s philosophy is based on the continuous search for innovation in powder compression for research & development experts linked to a sustained strive for excellence in close partnership with our customers.

After over 70 years of deep-rooted passion for high precision engineering, MEDELPHARM broke away from the purely mechanical industry and put the design & development of R&D Tablet Presses and tableting technologies in the focus of its operations.

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