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STYL'One Nano

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Discover innovation with the STYL'One Nano R&D Compaction Simulator. It's designed for precise tablet development, giving researchers and scientists exceptional control and efficiency on tablet development.

This Compaction Simulator offers advanced features and real-time data insights, redefining tablet formulation possibilities. It's a complete solution for Oral Solid Dosage Labs.

Elevate your projects and embrace the future of tablet research and manufacturing.


  • Compact & Mobile
  • Quick changeover
  • Easy to handle – Easy to clean
  • Ideal for minimal material quantities
  • Different feeding modes
  • Different compression profiles (USP <1062>)
  • Full Instrumentation (Force & displacement)
  • Driven by Alix, the most powerful data acquisition and analysis R&D software
  • Drives decision making during early product development

Punch Stations 1
Punch Type EU/TSM B+D, EU-1-441 and non-standard
Die Type BBS, BB, B, D and non-standard
Max. Production Output 1,800 tabs/h
Max. Tablet Diameter 25 or 40 (non-standard) mm
Max. Die Filling Height 21 (B), 23 (D), 34 (non-standard) mm
Compression Mode Force or displacement driven
Upper Punch Penetration Depth 3 fixed mm
Max. Precompression Force 50 kN
Max. Main Compression Force 50 kN
Tablet Format Single-layer only
Weight 255 kg
laptop laboratory gloves

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