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Solidification of radioactive soil waste through volume reduction and stabilization: Characteristic evaluation and waste acceptance criteria satisfaction

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The disposal of radioactive soil waste poses a global environmental challenge, necessitating effective management strategies. To address this issue, pelletization technology can be employed to reduce the physical volume of powdered wastes. Additionally, polymer solidification technology can be applied to produce a polymer-solidified body incorporating high-density pellets. Cs-contaminated soil, post-washing, was transformed into rigid pellets with specific dimensions (Height: 6.5 mm, Width: 9.4 mm) using a laboratory-scale roll compactor. During this process, the operational parameters (hydraulic pressure, roll speed, feed rate, roll gap) of the roll compactor were assessed, and the optimal operating conditions for the device were determined. Subsequently, the volume reduction factor for each powder and solidified body was calculated. Finally, the characterization of the polymer-solidified body incorporating pellets (including compressive strength, thermal cycling, irradiation, and immersion tests) was conducted to verify compliance with the waste acceptance criteria for repository disposal.
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