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STYL'One Evo DryCon®

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The STYL’One Evo is designed to work under negative pressure and as such, the standard execution does offer a clean working environment. For applications requiring a higher level of operator safety, the system is offered in a DryCon® containment executions. It includes improved seals, negative pressure regulation and an inlet HEPA filter.

The STYL’One Evo DryCon® can also be safely operated with glove ports opened when working with non-hazardous material.


  • Automatic generation and control of air flow ensure permanent negative pressure in the compaction area of the simulator
  • Interlocked doors, glove ports, pass-through box, continuous liners and alarm management permit a safe operation of the equipment and collection of tablets
  • The execution is SMEPAC tested by design and can be certified by a third-party
  • Compaction area can also be flooded with nitrogen allowing experiment with oxygen-sensitive or explosive powders

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