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STYL'One Evo WipCon®

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The clean enclosed design of the STYL’One Evo can be enhanced and adapted to suit your requirements for safety.

Nitrogen solution for food are running at some customer sites allowing research and production of small batches in oxygen free environments.

Full size isolators or compact wash in place solutions have also been installed with various OEL exposure levels.

Once working with gloves and through windows, you will appreciate even more the ergonomics of our instruments and accessories. Even if you just connect a vacuum to run under negative pressure inside the powder zone, its design will let you operate with minimum powder exposure and maximum cleaning safety.

The STYL’One Evo WipCon® can also be safely operated with the isolator opened when working with non hazardous material.


  • Automatic negative pressure control and monitoring
  • Continuous liner or RTP port to bring material in and out
  • Safe cleaning with integrated vacuum wand and spray guns
  • Safe operation while the operator performs other tasks inside the isolator like measuring tablet weight and hardness or preparing the next experiments

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