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STYL'One Evo

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The STYL’One Evolution pushes further the limit of simulation with high speed rotary presses or full roll compaction simulation.

Only 1 single machine, that is all you need for small-scale development to recreate your whole process with dry granulation, tableting, tab-in-tab, external lubrication and a lot more. And all these steps are directly scalable to your respective production presses.

Benefiting from in-depth knowledge of rotary tablet presses, the STYL’One Evolution allows your floor operators to troubleshoot by comparing different set-up on the rotary press they have targeted. It also allows to preset parameters on your rotary press with minimal amount of powder or to test the effect and impact of new tooling.


  • Fully instrumented press for early API characterization
  • 10.000’s of tablets with weight regulation
  • Up to 80KN compression
  • Automated research for quick formulation screening
  • Single layer, upgradable to multilayer and tab-in-tab
  • Production press mimicking for scale-up and troubleshooting
  • Standard, multi-tips and oversized toolings
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