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Compaction behavior and deformation mechanism of directly compressible textured mannitol in a rotary tablet press simulator

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The mechanical behavior of textured mannitol powder, widely employed as a pharmaceutical excipient for tablet compaction, plays a crucial role in selecting appropriate tableting parameters under industrial conditions. This study utilized a rotary tablet press simulator to assess the deformation behavior of textured mannitol in comparison to reference excipients known for their plastic (microcrystalline cellulose) or fragmentary (lactose and dibasic calcium phosphate) deformation characteristics. The evaluation involved comparing Mean Yield Pressure (Py) obtained through Heckel modeling, Walker coefficients (W), and Stress Rate Sensitivity (SRS). The results, indicating Py, W, and SRS values, revealed that the textured mannitol exhibited a fragmentary deformation mechanism. Importantly, this mechanical behavior remained insensitive to lubrication, a distinctive feature of fragmentary excipients.
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