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STYL'One Evo

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Discover a new era of precision in tablet development with the STYL'One Evo Compaction Simulator. Meticulously engineered for material characterization and formulation optimization, this advanced equipment empowers pharmaceutical scientists, researchers, and manufacturers to achieve unparalleled control and innovation in tablet development.

Experience real-time data insights that offer approach to tablet development that redefines efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

Unlock the potential of your tablet formulations and propel your projects to new heights of success. Explore the capabilities of the STYL'One Evo Compaction Simulator on our product page and embark on a journey of innovation in pharmaceutical research and manufacturing.


  • Fully instrumented press for early API characterization
  • Automated research for quick formulation screening
  • Single layer, upgradable to multilayer and tab-in-tab
  • Production press mimicking for scale-up and troubleshooting
  • Standard, multi-tips and oversized toolings

GENERAL value unit
Punch Stations 1
Max. Tablet Diameter 21 (B), 25 (D), 40 (oversized) mm
Max. Production Output 1750 tablets/hour
Feed shoes up to 3
Max. Die Filling Height 21 (B), 23 (D), 40 (oversized) mm
Compression mode Force or displacement driven
Upper Punch Penetration Depth 1 to 12 mm
Max. Precompression force 50 kN
Max. Main compression force 50 kN
Tablet Format Single-layer, Multilayer, Tab-in-tab, Ribblet
Weight 1090 (2 403) kg (lbs)
laptop laboratory gloves

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