With over 190 presentations, 200 posters presented, and a diverse representation from 55 universities, 45 pharmaceutical companies, and 24 equipment vendors, the CSF is a leading event for exposing cutting-edge research and fostering collaborations. The 2024 Scientific Committee features distinguished personalities from academia and industry, including Susanne Florin-Muschert (University of Lille), Kendal Pit (FRPharmS AFIChemE FAPS PhD. Pharmaceutical Consultant), Zalalem Worku (Senior Scientist at Alkermes, Formulation and Drug Product Development), and Elaine H Stone (Stonepharma Ltd).

The event opens with an optional workshop on June 4th, focusing on "Overcoming the challenges of poorly soluble drugs." This workshop, divided into three sections, explores the complexities surrounding the formulation of such drugs and dives into topics like harnessing amorphous forms, predictive modeling, and process development. The workshop will be led by industry and academia experts Anne-Marie Healy (Professor of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology at Trinity College Dublin), Joao Henriques (Director Oral Drug Product Development at Hovione), and Sanjay Konagurthu (Senior Director PDS Global Science and Technology at Thermo Fisher Scientific).

The following days feature conferences covering a wide range of topics such as considerations in formulations for compression, the relationship between particle properties and tableting performance, and compaction simulation science, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements in the field.

MEDELPHARM proudly stands as a sponsor of this year’s CSF, affirming its commitment to driving innovation in powder characterization, solid dose formulation development and tablet production troubleshooting.

Dr. Moritz ROSCH, Process Specialist at the KORSCH AG INNOVATION CENTER, will deliver a presentation on “Single Step Scale-Up from Compaction Simulator to Rotary Press,” showcasing the efficiency of compaction simulators, like the STYL’One Evo, in streamlining the scale-up process.

Dr. ROSCH and his team at the KORSCH INNOVATION CENTER offers expertise and services around solid dose product development, equipment trials and formulation optimization.

Adrien PELLOUX, Lab Manager at MEDELPHARM, will present a poster titled "Linear regression analysis of the recompactibility of granulates with limited amount of initial blend using a compaction simulator”. The study aims to understand how certain key factors in a roller compactor, simulated by a compaction simulator, affect the strength of tablets produced with a small amount of initial material. Additionally, the characteristics of the ribblets (“ribbon tablets”) formed during compaction, such as solid fraction and tensile strength, are analyzed. The angle of repose of the granulate is also taken into account in the investigation.

Mr. PELLOUX and his team of formulation and process experts can support pharmaceutical scientists with their product development needs, including material characterization, scale-up, formulation, troubleshooting and tablet training courses.

Additionally, MEDELPHARM is also represented at the event through the lineup of scientists that regularly work with the range of STYL’One compaction simulators:

  • Joao Henriques, Director, Oral Drug Product Development, Hovione
    Instructor during the workshop
  • Sanjay Konagurthu, Senior Director, PDS Global Science and Technology, Thermo Fisher Scientific
    Instructor during the workshop
  • Susanne Florin Muschert, Associate Professor, University of Lille
    Chair of Wednesday AM session “Formulation & Analytical Considerations in Compression”
  • Artur Saramago, Scientist, Oral Drug Product Development, Hovione
  • Stefan Klinken, Pharmacist, PhD Student, University of Düsseldorf
  • Daniel Markl CMAC, Reader in Pharmaceutical Product Engineering at University of Strathclyde
  • Marcus O’Mahony, Senior Research Fellow in Pharma Manufacturing, PMTC, University of Limerick
  • Amrit Paudel, Deputy Scientific Director, RCPE GmbH & Associate Professor, Graz University of Technology
  • Gavin Reynolds, Senior Principal Scientist in Process Engineering and Digital, AstraZeneca
  • Johny Bertels, Senior Scientist – Oral Solids Development at Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine
  • Peyman Aminpour, Materials Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Vincent Mazel, Professor, Université de Bordeaux

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, events like the Compaction Simulation Forum play a crucial role in driving innovation and collaboration.

Contact MEDELPHARM to meet the team during the event.