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Elucidating the effect of salt incorporation in tablets on tablet disintegratability

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The breakdown of tablets is vital for promoting drug release, and disintegrants are utilized in tablet formulations to enhance this process. This study aimed to investigate the influence of incorporating salts on the disintegratability of tablets. The research focused on adjusting the microenvironment temperature of tablets by dissolving salts in the formulation, intending to facilitate tablet disintegration. It was noted that the inclusion of salts generally extended the duration of tablet disintegration. The effect of incorporating salts on tablet properties was found to be both concentration-dependent and influenced by multiple factors. The observed impact on tablet disintegration was likely a result of a combination of factors, including the unique properties of the salts, increased solubility of components, temperature variations between the tablet and the disintegration medium, expansion of air due to heightened microenvironment temperature, and the competition for water between salts and disintegrants. These factors collectively contributed to the overall influence of salts on tablet disintegration.
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