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A generalized image analytical algorithm for investigating tablet disintegration

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Commonly employed techniques for assessing tablet disintegration rely on visual observations, introducing a potential for user-dependent outcomes. In response to this issue, a universally applicable image analysis algorithm has been created for the machine vision-based quantification of tablet disintegration. The algorithm underwent testing with a traditional immediate-release tablet, model compacts disintegrating primarily through erosion, and a polymeric slow-release system. Despite variations in disintegration mechanisms among these compacts, the developed image analysis algorithm demonstrated its versatility by quantifying disintegration extent without requiring adjustments to image analysis parameters. The reproducibility of the approach was evaluated using commercial tablets and successfully differentiated various model compacts. By emulating human decision-making processes and the experience-based visual assessment of disintegration time, the developed image analysis algorithm provides a user-independent approach for optimizing tablet formulation and understanding how the choice of excipients and manufacturing processes ultimately impacts tablet disintegration.
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