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Evaluation of different pre-processing methods of X-ray micro computed tomography images

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The objective of this study was to assess the impact of various pre-processing methods on X-ray micro-computed tomography images of 12 distinct tablet batches, aiming to provide accurate images for the validation of in silico software tools like F-CAD. Open-source software ImageJ was employed for image processing, involving different bleach- and lightning-correction techniques. The study evaluated the effects of a filtering process and two contrast enhancement methods. The images were then segmented using the k-means algorithm, and F-CAD determined the recovery rates, with all results analyzed in terms of their desirability. Specific pathways were identified for each binary mixture. The mean recovery rates for all batches were around 100%. However, a single program procedure suitable for all binary mixtures simultaneously could not be identified. Nonetheless, the study confirmed the feasibility of a suitable validation method for in silico tools.
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