The scientists will use two formulations prepared in the MEDELPHARM Science Lab, representing common-used tablet forms in the pharmaceutical industry: orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) and sustained-release tablets.

ODTs are a type of solid oral dosage form that are “designed to rapidly disintegrate in the oral cavity without the need for water or chewing. They offer a convenient and efficient alternative to conventional tablets and capsules for patients who have difficulty swallowing or who prefer a more convenient and discreet way to take their medication”(1).

In contrast, sustained-release tablets are “designed to release a drug slowly over an extended period of time. Formulations must be robust to ensure drug release over time and avoid dose-dumping”(2). MEDELPHARM will demonstrate the compaction of sustained-release formulations using an oblong tooling and perform disintegration tests, showcasing how different compression forces affect the erosion and release profile of the tablet over time.

Thanks to STYL’One Nano compaction simulator, scientists and formulators can, with very little material, quickly and accurately evaluate formulations, assessing the impact of various process parameters on tablet properties effortlessly.

The team of formulators is also available to help you in all your powder formulation needs.

The MEDELPHARM Science Lab near Lyon (France) is home to expert formulation scientists and advanced equipment aimed at supporting clients with their product development needs. These include material characterization, scale-up, small batch production, formulation, troubleshooting and tableting training courses.

The KORSCH Innovation Centers are state-of-the-art facilities in Berlin, Boston and Hyderabad designed to support customers, and provide an environment for learning, technical advancements, product development, equipment trials, and formulation optimization projects.

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