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Cellulosic dry binders in direct compression and roll compaction - effect of particle size and mechanical properties on tablet performance

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Dry binders play a critical role in achieving desirable tablet hardness and low friability in both direct compression (DC) and roll compaction/dry granulation (RCDG) processes. Frequently, these dry binders are cellulosic polymers, such as hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC). The behavior of HPC is characterized by significant plastic deformation and high axial recovery, signifying its viscoelastic nature. Compactability and plasticity of HPC tend to increase with lower molecular weight (MW) and particle size. This study aims to assess the applicability of Klucel EXF ultra HPC in DC and RCDG. Klucel EXF is a recently introduced highly compressible dry binder known for its very fine particle size and low MW.
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