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Comparison of compression and material properties of differently shaped and sized paracetamols

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Paracetamol, a well-known Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), is recognized for its unfavorable flow and compression characteristics. Traditionally, enhancing compressibility involves blending paracetamol with a substantial quantity of excipient to create a more compressible material. In contrast, we employed modified crystallization methods to directly prepare compressible API from the original raw paracetamol in plate, irregular, and spherical particle forms. As part of our screening process, various sizes for each shape were generated, and the material properties were extensively analyzed, with a primary focus on flow and compression characteristics. The results revealed significant variations in properties, ranging from the poor attributes of raw paracetamol to the excellent properties of spherical crystals, which demonstrated the ability to be directly compressed without the need for additional excipient. The analysis also indicated minimal impact of size modifications on tablet compression and material behavior, with the primary influence arising from alterations in shape and compression force.
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