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Dynamic fracture analysis in Brazilian test: application to pharmaceutical tablets

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This paper employs the flattened disk Brazilian test to assess the critical fracture parameter of a pharmaceutical tablet composed of compressed anhydrous lactose powder. In line with prior studies, the energy release rate function was constructed through a combination of experimental tests and numerical simulations. The experimental phase involved utilizing a high-speed camera to record the dynamic propagation of the crack tip, revealing mechanisms such as Rapid Crack Propagation. To address inertia effects stemming from the crack tip velocity, a numerical analysis was conducted to determine the dynamic correction factor. The obtained results were then compared to those derived from the conventional analytic relation applicable to crack propagation in a semi-infinite plate. After establishing a range for the material's fracture energy, the paper concludes by discussing the imperative of considering inertia effects in estimating the fracture energy of the material within the context of the Brazilian test.
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