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Evaluation of the super disintegrant functionnalities of alginic acid and calcium alginate for the design of orodispersible mini tablets

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This study investigates the impact of various synthesis methods and drying conditions on the production of sodium alginate-derived xerogels, which exhibit notable disintegrant functionalities. Xerogels containing alginic acid (AA), calcium alginate (CaA), and a combination of both (AA/CaA) were obtained using two distinct drying techniques: oven drying and rotary evaporation. AA demonstrated superior wettability, contrasting with the rigid crosslinked structure of CaA, which exhibited a limited rate of water penetration. Notably, xerogels containing AA, dried in the oven, displayed enhanced maximum water uptake. The oven drying process appeared to favor the isolation of materials with excellent tabletability. Compression parameters of the formulations (tensile strength, elastic energy, and porosity) remained unaffected by their inclusion (5%) in the design of OroDispersible Mini Tablets. In vitro disintegration results underscored water wicking as the key factor influencing the disintegration mechanism of these materials. These findings hold promise for the potential development of super disintegrant excipients.
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