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Formulation of Direct Compression Zidovudine Tablets to Correlate the SeDeM Diagram Expert System and the Rotary Press Simulator Styl’ONE Results

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The SeDeM diagram expert system has been employed for the examination of Zidovudine and certain excipients. Utilizing the generated diagrams, a pharmaceutical formulation has been devised. The SeDeM diagram facilitates the identification of critical parameters conducive to direct compression. Employing a rotary tablet press simulator that replicates the compression profiles of a rotary tablet press, the formulated blend is compressed. This allows for an investigation into the behavior of the formulation under diverse industrial production conditions while conserving a significant amount of material. The study encompasses varying compression forces, compression speeds, and considers the impact of pre-compression force. The observed distinctions in compression profiles are comprehensively delineated. Results demonstrate that the formulation can be adequately compressed with the emulated compression profiles, and no disparities are evident among the final products. Consequently, the accuracy and robustness of the SeDeM diagram expert system are affirmed. Furthermore, the system's outcomes align with compression results from a rotary tablet press, a correlation not previously documented in pharmaceutical literature. These findings provide valuable insights for selecting the optimal rotary press for scaling up this formulation.
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