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Investigating compressibility descriptors for binary mixtures of different deformation behavior

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Tablets remain one of the most crucial dosage forms, and a key objective in the development of these forms is predicting their tableting behavior. The endeavor to save resources and costs by eliminating time-consuming experiments in empirical formulation development is of paramount importance. Numerous studies have explored predicting the properties of a mixture based on the properties of its constituent materials. This work simplifies this approach by tabletting binary mixtures. Both pure materials and mixtures with varied compositions were systematically characterized to assess their compressibility and tablet properties. The goal was to examine the suitability of different compressibility descriptors in predicting the tableting behavior of binary mixtures. In pursuit of this objective, a linear mixing rule for weight and volume fractions was employed to predict the mixture's properties from the corresponding starting materials. The analysis involved compressibility assessment, the Walker equation, and the rearrangement index of Kawakita analysis, all of which yielded promising results. Notably, a linear relationship was identified between the compression parameter and the composition of the binary mixture for all three parameters. These descriptors serve as a foundational framework for describing more intricate mixtures in future applications.
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