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Multivariate data analysis to evaluate commonly used compression descriptors

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Numerous studies have delved into material behavior through compression analyses, with a particular emphasis on compressibility, compactibility, and tabletability. In this study, an extensive multivariate data analysis was conducted using the principal component analysis method. Twelve pharmaceutically utilized excipients were chosen for direct compression tableting, and subsequent assessments included various compression analyses. Input variables comprised material properties, tablet properties, tableting parameters, and parameters from compression analyses. Principal component analysis successfully grouped the materials, with compression pressure proving to be the most influential among the tableting parameters. Tabletability emerged as the most crucial factor in material characterization through compression analysis, while compressibility and compactibility played a minor role in the overall evaluation. This multivariate approach provided valuable insights for a deeper understanding of the tableting process, allowing for the comprehensive assessment of a variety of compression data.
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Multivariate data analysis to evaluate commonly used compression descriptors

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