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Sticking Detection by Repeated Compactions on a Single Tablet

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Tablet sticking in the context of tablet manufacturing refers to the buildup of tablet material on the punch after multiple compaction cycles. The occurrence of sticking can impact tablet weight, appearance, and structural integrity, potentially causing disruptions in manufacturing processes. Identifying the risk of sticking early in the research and development (R&D) phase provides more options for mitigation, minimizing the potential for significant delays and costs. Detecting sticking in the early stages of drug development, however, is challenging due to limitations in available material quantity. In this study, we employed a method called single tablet multi-compaction (STMC) along with a highly sensitive laser reflection sensor to assess the propensity of sticking in ibuprofen powder blends. STMC proved capable of distinguishing between various formulations and replicating sticking trends at different punch speeds. The results highlight the potential of STMC as an exceptionally material-efficient method, requiring very few tablets, for evaluating sticking during the initial phases of development.
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Sticking Detection by Repeated Compactions on a Single Tablet

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