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Towards a better understanding of dry binder functionality

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Gaining a profound understanding of the binding behavior and functionality of different types of dry binders is crucial, as these play a pivotal role in ensuring the desirable properties of dry granules and tablets. Employing a novel approach, this study selected the most effective dry binders with diverse chemical compositions to analyze the compressibility of tablets made solely from these binders. Tablets were compressed at various tableting speeds to unveil the binding behavior of dry binders. Viscoelasticity, plasticity, or abrasiveness were deduced from force-displacement curves of tablets, produced under varying tableting pressures. Additionally, elastic recovery, tabletability, fracture energy, and out-of-die Heckel analysis were conducted to comprehensively understand the mechanical properties of dry binders for tableting. This innovative approach provides insights into previous studies' results regarding tablet tensile strength, friability, and dry granule properties, offering a rational basis for selecting dry binders tailored to specific processes.
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