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Calcium Phosphate Microcapsules as Multifunctional Drug Delivery Devices

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The emergence of more challenging active pharmaceutical ingredients in the market has prompted the exploration of innovative drug delivery strategies, necessitating a departure from traditional excipients to materials with combined actions and multiple functionalities. This study introduces an inorganic calcium phosphate microparticle with a distinctive hollow internal structure known as a template inverted particle (TIP), serving as a biocompatible and multifunctional microcapsule. The research outlines a robust process for creating this unique particle geometry, featuring a size of 20 µm and a hollow cavity enclosed by a specially engineered porous shell. The primary focus of this study lies in characterizing TIP as an excipient for designing solid dosage forms. The cavities within the particle centers function as encapsulation spaces, contributing to an enhanced water uptake capacity of 5.3 cm³ g⁻¹. Leveraging the material's high wettability and water uptake rates, TIP tablets exhibit rapid dispersion in the oral cavity. Mechanistic studies reveal the viscoelastic behavior of empty TIP microcapsules, aligning with the Kelvin–Voigt model of a parallel spring-dashpot configuration. Importantly, the unique particle geometry maintains its integrity during compaction. This study illustrates the application of multifunctional TIP microcapsules as a pharmaceutical drug delivery device.
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Calcium Phosphate Microcapsules as Multifunctional Drug Delivery Devices

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