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Direct Compression Tablet Formulation of Celecoxib Enabled with a Pharmaceutical Solvate

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Celecoxib, an anti-inflammatory medication used for pain and arthritis, is presently exclusively offered in capsule form. To expedite its onset time for quicker efficacy and reduce manufacturing expenses, the tablet dosage form is more preferable. Nevertheless, the current commercial celecoxib (Form III) poses challenges for direct compression (DC) tablet production due to issues such as poor flow, low bulk density, and tablet lamination. In this study, we address these obstacles by utilizing a pharmaceutically acceptable dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) solvate of celecoxib. With the aid of the DMSO solvate, we successfully developed a viable DC tablet formulation to produce tablets containing 200 mg celecoxib, exhibiting satisfactory manufacturability, disintegration, and in vitro dissolution performance.
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