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Powders flowability assessment in granular compaction: What about the consistency of Hausner ratio?

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This study evaluates powder flowability during granular compaction under free surface conditions, utilizing the Hausner ratio (HR) as the flowability index. Various pharmaceutical and food powders were scrutinized using three compaction devices: DensiTap®, GranuPack®, and a custom-made Vibratory device (particle dumper). Comparing HR values obtained from each compaction test enhances our comprehension of HR. The findings demonstrate that HR is highly reliant on the energy input into the system. This energy stems from the vibration wave transmitted to the powder bed and is notably influenced by the vibration amplitude, corresponding to the specific device employed. Through HR analysis correlated with the energy supplied to the powder bed, we determined a maximum HR value termed ultimate HR (HRU), indicative of the maximal compaction state. Consequently, we propose a novel approach to delineate flow behavior, as assessed by HR, in relation to the energy input into the powder bed.
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