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Stress transmission coefficient is a reliable and robust parameter for quantifying powder plasticity

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Existing methods for determining powder plasticity parameters are susceptible to errors in porosity measurements, which stem from inaccuracies in measuring compact density, true density, or both. This study utilized various materials with plasticity across a broad range to assess the correlation between the post-powder densification stress transmission coefficient (STC) and the four existing in-die and out-of-die plasticity parameters. The STC demonstrated a strong correlation with these parameters. Notably, the STC is less prone to errors associated with tablet porosity determination, as it only requires axial and radial stress measurements, distinguishing it from existing methods. Furthermore, the STC is not affected by user errors, as data collection can be automated using a compaction simulator with an instrumented die. Overall, the STC emerges as an excellent alternative to traditional powder plasticity parameters, offering a reliable approach for guiding tablet formulation design in the early stages of drug development.
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