Interphex presents an ideal opportunity for the company to showcase its latest advancements and innovation, with the much-anticipated launch of the X 5 rotary tablet press for the North American market.

Central to the X 5's appeal is its groundbreaking turret segment technology. The innovative design allows the rotary press die table to be divided into distinct segments, each segment incorporating more punch stations compared to traditional presses. This translates to enhanced productivity and production outputs, improved ergonomics, simplified installation processes, and significant time savings, particularly during batch transitions, such as powder blend or tablet type changeover.

Live demonstrations of the STYL’One Evo compaction simulator will also be conducted during this event, simulating the compression cycle of the X 5, and affirming the research and development press’ scale-up mimicking capabilities. This state-of-the-art technology enables fast and robust tablet development, guaranteeing top performances on your production equipment, thus limiting tablet rejections and defects.

Dr. James Stephens, the manager of the KORSCH America INNOVATION CENTER in Boston, will perform the live demonstrations of the STYL'One Evo technology. James has been selected to sit on a panel of experts to discuss Compaction Simulator Technology at the INTEREPHEX Conference. This interactive panel discussion will take place on Thursday, 18 April, at 10:15 AM on Stage 1. KORSCH Innovation centers are state-of-the-art facilities designed to support customers and create environments for learning, and technical advancements. The KORSCH INNOVATION CENTER offers expertise and services around solid dose product development, equipment trials and formulation optimization.

Interphex 2024 will reinforce KORSCH America’s commitment to improving solid dose research and development, scale-up assessment, and tablet manufacturing at full speed for production.

Visit booth #1519 to see the formulation development and compaction mimicking possibilities of STYL’One Evo compaction simulator and learn about the KORSCH X 5 rotary tablet press with new turret segment technology from the experts.

For more information, contact KORSCH America.