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Controlling the lag-time and release kinetics of press-coated tablets using process parameters and tablet geometry

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Press-coated tablets represent an advantageous technology for achieving delayed release of active ingredients, featuring a distinctive core-shell structure that allows the modulation of lag-time and release kinetics to align with chronotherapeutic objectives. Controlling these attributes is crucial when designing such tablets. While many studies have explored the impact of formulation on release characteristics, this research aims to investigate the influence of geometrical and process parameters on the release attributes of press-coated tablets while maintaining a constant formulation. Specifically, variations in compression pressure, layer thickness, and band thickness were examined to manipulate the lag-time within the range of 1 to 10 hours. These parameters not only affect the lag-time but also influence the release kinetics after this initial period. The dissolution test revealed two primary opening modes, reflecting either fast or slow release rates. The opening mode observed is contingent upon the density distribution in the shell, a factor directly influenced by the chosen process parameters.
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