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Enhanced multi-component model to consider the lubricant effect on compressibility and compactibility

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Modeling the structural and mechanical properties of tablets composed of multiple components, based on a minimal amount of experimental data, is of great interest to minimize the time and cost involved in developing new tablet formulations. Most available models commonly use the compressibility and compactibility of constituent components and establish mixing rules between them to predict tablet properties in formulations with multiple components. However, these models are limited in applicability to single materials that form intact tablets, such as lactose or cellulose, and cannot be extended to lubricants. Lubricants are essential in the majority of industrial tablet formulations and typically influence the mechanical strength of tablets. This study integrates the multi-component compaction model developed by Reynolds et al. (2017) with a recently published lubrication model by Puckhaber et al. (2020) to characterize the impact of multiple components in a formulation comprising two diluents and a lubricant. This model combination represents a meaningful extension of existing compaction models, enabling the systematic prediction of properties for lubricated multi-component tablets.
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