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Impact of die wall material on the mechanical properties of paracetamol tablets

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The quality of tablets can be influenced by the material, configuration, and design of tooling, comprising punches and dies. While extensive research has focused on punches, there is limited information available on dies. Dies with modified bore lining materials or inserts are utilized for specific applications, but their impact on tablet properties and the compaction process remains inadequately studied. Often, dies with harder lining materials are chosen for enhanced wear resistance. In this investigation, flat-faced and convex-faced tablets were manufactured from paracetamol granules using dies with various bore inserts. Tablet properties and response parameters of the compaction process were assessed to comprehend the influence of die mechanical and surface properties on the formed compacts. It was observed that compaction pressure had the most significant effect on tablet elastic recovery, consequently influencing tensile strength. The selection of die inserts could notably impact the mechanical properties of convex-faced paracetamol tablets, especially under high compaction pressures.
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