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Predictive model for tensile strength of pharmaceutical tablets based on local hardness measurements

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In the pharmaceutical domain, tablets stand out as the most prevalent dosage forms for oral administration. The manufacturing process of tablets incorporates measures to ensure their mechanical strength, preventing crumbling or breakage during handling, while also ensuring effective disintegration post-administration. Consequently, tensile strength emerges as a crucial parameter to be taken into account. This study focused on the measurement of microscopic hardness and macroscopic tensile strength in binary tablets composed of varying proportions of microcrystalline cellulose and caffeine. A correlation between these two mechanical properties was established for the binary mixture. The proposed model relies on two easily obtainable physical measurements: hardness and tablet density. Constants for the model were derived from the extreme compositions within the given system. Experimental results validated this model, and a comparison was drawn with the one developed by Wu et al. (2005). Both models proved applicable to the studied system. However, the proposed model uniquely connects tablet tensile strength with a microscopic-scale tablet characteristic, eliminating the need for porosity in the correlation.
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