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Air entrapment during tablet compression – Diagnosis, impact on tableting performance, and mitigation strategies

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The occurrence of air entrapment during powder compression, a phenomenon capable of causing tablet defects during decompression and ejection, was investigated using celecoxib powder. This involved a comparison of in-die elastic recovery profiles with and without precompression before the main compression. Without precompression, the elastic recovery of celecoxib compacts exhibited a substantial increase from approximately 4% at a main compaction pressure of 150 MPa to around 14% at and above 200 MPa. However, this notable increase in elastic recovery was effectively eliminated when a precompression step was incorporated. The deaeration of powder through precompression resulted in higher tablet strength, concurrently leading to lower tablet porosity. Therefore, precompression emerges as an effective strategy for mitigating the adverse effects of air entrapment in tablet manufacturing. Additionally, it was observed that, despite significantly higher elastic recovery due to entrapped air, it did not influence the plasticity parameter derived from an in-die Heckel analysis.
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